About Us

With membership by invitation or board approval only, Lake 100 consists of:1) executive officers of a business operating in Lake County, 2) an appointed executive from a company conducting significant business within Lake County or 3) individuals who have extensive civic or cultural involvement in Lake County.

Originally formed in 2010 by 10 involved citizen and business leaders, Lake 100 members commit to:

  • Share knowledge, gain business insights, and grow personally through members’ affiliation with each other, so that collectively we can influence Lake County in a positive way.
  • Foster cooperation between the public and private sectors of our community by acting as a catalyst for bringing together decision makers within and without the communities of Lake County.
  • Promote citizen competence and awareness by effectively participating in community affairs.
  • Serve as a resource for the community in researching, organizing and distributing information.
  • Assist public agencies and community groups.
  • Contribute to the responsible planning and management of growth in the community.